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First Aid Courses

Do I always have to provide First Aid when required?

Many people will say as a First Aider we have a legal responsibility to provide life-saving attention. However, this is NOT TRUE. As First Aiders we decide what situations we can assist in. Therefore, if a situtaion is too dangerous, hazardous or you are unable to assist then you do not need too.

When will I recieve my result of my First Aid at Work course?

Results will be made avaliable on the day of completing your assessments. With your certificate to follow 10 days later.

Can I make a difference?

It is estimated nearly 600,000 workplace injuries occur each year in the UK. Therefore, by being a qualified First Aider at Work you will be able to provide invaluable support to patients. Ultimately making a postitive difference to both their mental and physical wellbeing until professional assistance arrive on scene.

Do employers think a First Aid at Work is Valuable?

Short Answer: YES! Employers are always looking for staff who are First Aid trained, making you a more desirable candidate.

My First Aid at Work has expired can I still take this course?

Short Answer: NO! Unfortunately, once your certificate is only valid for three years. Once expired you will need to resit the full three day First Aid at Work qualification course.

My First Aid at Work Qualification has expired, can I still perform my First Aid duties?


My Emergency First Aid at Work Qualification is expiring soon, do I need to do this course?

Short Answer: NO! This is for those who have previously completed their three day course in First Aid Work. If you wish to requalify in your Emergency First Aid at Work, you will need to redo the one day course.

I have lost my certificate, can I request a replacement?

Yes, however you will also receive a digital copy which is valid

What is the key difference between the Emergency First Aid at Work and First Aid at Work courses?

EFAW is a one day course targeted at individuals in lower risk environments. FAW is a three day in-depth course that covers everthing you need to know when dealing with First Aid situations both at work and your personal life.

How long is my qualification valid for?

Three years, before you either need to attend the one day Requalifcation course or resit the Emergency First Aid at Work one day course

Who needs to attend a First Aid course?

Anyone wishing to perfom any first aid duties or anyone working as a First Aider.

Health & Safety Courses

What software do I need to complete my course?

Check out our Compatability page what device and search engines can be used to complete our courses.

Security Courses

Can I retake my exams if I fail?

No. Retakes will cost £90 However, if you decide to purchase our Alpha Package for extra reassurance you can have Free and Unlimited retakes.

When will I receive my Security assessment results?

Results will be made available within 10 days of completing your course assessments.

I don't want to work at a nightclub or bar. What other job opportunities are there for me?

Achieving your Level 2: Door Supervisor qualification will allow you to work in almost any area of the Private Security Industry.

Roles Include but are not limited;

  1. Event Security
  2. Security Officer
  3. Retail Security
  4. Security Manager and many more.

I want to work as a Security Guard, is the Door Supervisor course right for me?

Short Answer: YES!

Obtaining your Door Supervisor qualification will provide you with more job opportunities and will allow you to work in BOTH Security Guarding roles and Door Supervisor roles. Therefore, making it better value for money and makes you a more desirable job applicant.

Can I complete my course virtually from home?


Just choose to do your Security Guard course virtually

What Job opportunities do I have when working as a Security Guard?

Achieving your Security Guard Licence will provide you the opportunity to work in areas such;

  • Manned Guarding
  • Patrol Officer
  • Key-Holders
  • Retail Security Officer

With the potential for a promotions to a;

  • Security Supervisor or Manager
  • Contract Manager
  • Facilities Manager

Is Security Guard course right for me?

Achieving your Security Guard Licence will introduce you to the world of Private Security. However, it can be limiting when compared to a Door Supervisor Qualification.

Obtaining your Door Supervisor qualification will provide you with more job opportunities and will allow you to work in BOTH Security Guarding roles and Door Supervisor roles. Therefore, making it better value for money and makes you a more desirable job applicant.

What is Physical Intervention?

Part of the updated licence requirements as of 2010. Physical Intervention techniques are those that when used correctly are designed not to cause harm to any of individuals that are involved.

However, these should always be used as a last resort, after Conflict Management Techniques have failed.

Are the courses Physically Demanding?

Short Answer: No!

The course is set at a comfortable pace and does not require any physically demanding exercise.

How do I apply for my SIA licence?

See our Apply for your SIA Licence Page for a step by step guide

Do I need to bring any documentation with me to the course?

Yes! It is a mandatory requirment that we at The Accademy do an identity check for all security-related qualifications. Therefore, you will be asked to show identification on arrival these include;

  • Two passport size photos
  • Original passport of any nationality or UK photo Drivers Licence
  • Two forms of address proof (originals)
This is a Goverment requirment therefore, without these documents you will be unable to sit any exams.


Are your centres COVID-19 secure?


Will you perfrom Temperature Checks at your centres?


What happens if I develop symptoms before the my course?

  1. Please follow Goverment Guidlines to help stop the spread of Covid-19
  2. Infrom The Academy via any means and we will be happy to arranage your course for FREE to a later date once you have recovered.
  3. We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you at a later date.

Will you be wearing PPE at your courses?

Trainers and Students will be need to wear a mask and use the hand sanitiser provided when entering one of our centres. However, once seated at your santatised desk you may remove your mask if you wish. Whenever away from your desk you will need to wear a mask. (Exceptions can be made for individuals with medical excemptions)

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