Manual handling

Put your back into it! 

Bad advice for anyone and any lifting situation

Areas Covered

  • The definition of manual handling

  • The LITE stairway to safety

  • Safe lifting techniques

  • Correcting lifting techniques

  • Lifting with more than one person

  • Examples of manual handling

About The Course

A short and comprehensive guide that illustrates best practice for individuals who's role includes any lifting or manual handling of items in the workplace. 

Typically taking employees 30-40 minutes to achieve. 



  1. Basic Command of English (Level 2) - (Adjustments can be made) 

  2. A Compatible Device 

Assessment is made at the end of the program through a multiple-choice questionnaire. Understandably assessments can be intimidating however, our e-learning experience will give you all the skills and knowledge for success.  


Upon successful completion of the course candidates will receive a nationally accredited Highfield e-learning certificate.


Target Audience

Ideal for those employee inductions, or as part of a refresher training session for existing staff.

Can be used in conjunction with new apprenticeship standards, supporting the knowledge, skills and behaviours apprentices need to effectively integrate into the workplace


Key elements

This online course is tailor made to make complex subjects simple.

Utilising a variety off e-learning tools such as;

  • Interactive exercises/gaming

  • Media-rich content

  • Interactive 3D scenarios

  • Content provided by market leading experts

  • Relevant photography and illustrations

  • Multi-generational content and style

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