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About The Course

Working as a Level 2: Security Guard within the Private sector entails similar modules to the Level 2: Door Supervisor Course but without Physical Intervention. Spread across four days it is designed to give you the skills needed for the workplace. 

Recommendation: individuals wanting to work in the Private Security Industry should undertake the Level 2: Door Supervisor Course due to being better value for money while enabling more job opportunities. 


Common Security Industry Knowledge

  • 1.1: Awareness of the Law in the Private Security Industry  

  • 1.2: Health and Safety for the Private Security Operative  

  • 1.3: Fire Safety Awareness 

  • 1.4: Emergency Procedures  

  • 1.5: The Private Security Industry  

  • 1.6: Communication Skills and Customer Care


  1. Right to Work in UK

  2. 18+ years of Age

  3. Basic Command of English (Level 2) - (Adjustments can be made)

  4. Identification (Passport / Drivers Licence / Other Government issued photo ID)

  5. Proof of address (Utility bill, Council bill or Bank statement) 



Security Guarding Specialist Module

  • 2.1: Introduction to the Roles and Responsibilities of Security Officers

  • 2.2: Patrolling

  • 2.3: Access and Egress Control

  • 2.4: Searching

  • 2.5: Technology and Systems in the Security Enviroment

  • 2.6: The Security Officer and The Law

  • 2.7: Communicating, Reporting and Record Keeping

Modules will conclude with a multiple-choice exam and a practical assessment. Understandably exams can be intimidating however, we will give all the knowledge and practical skills to overcome and prepare you for success as a Security Guard 

Job Potential

  • Retail Security and Shopping Centres

  • Manned Guarding


Conflict Management Module

  • 3.1: Avoiding Conflict and Reducing Personal Risk

  • 3.2: Defusing Conflict

  • 3.3: Resolving and Learning from Conflict

  • 3.4: Application of Communication Skills and Conflict Management for Security Guarding and Close Protection

Qualified Benefits

  • Flexible Working hours

Level 2: Security Guard

Wanting to work as a Security Officer in retail or offices 

For those considering this Security Guarding Course it is our recommendation from extensive experience within the Private Security Industry to instead undertake the Level 2: Door Supervisor Course

Why: Those who are successful in the Door Supervisor Course are legally allowed to work in more roles including those of a Security Guard and within Licensed premises such as Bars/Clubs/Festivals. However, individuals completing the Security Guard Course will find that it is illegal for you to work in a Door Supervisor role. 

Our Recommendation 

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Book your Security Guard Course on a date that best suits you 



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Frequently asked questions

Security Guard

When will I recieve my Security Guard assessment results?

Results will be made avaliable within 10 days of completing your course assessments.

Are your centres COVID-19 secure?


What Job opportunities do I have when working as a Security Guard?

Achieving your Security Guard Licence will provide you the opportunity to work in areas such;

  • Manned Guarding
  • Patrol Officer
  • Key-Holders
  • Retail Security Officer
With the potential for a promotions to a;
  • Security Supervisor or Manager
  • Contract Manager
  • Facilities Manager

Is this course right for me?

Achieving your Security Guard Licence will introduce you to the world of Private Security. However, it can be limiting when compared to a Door Supervisor Qualification. Obtaining your Door Supervisor qualification will provide you with more job opportunities and will allow you to work in BOTH Security Guarding roles and Door Supervisor roles. Therefore, making it better value for money and makes you a more desirable job applicant.

Can I retake my exams if I fail?

No. Retakes will cost £80 However, if you decide to purchase our Alpha Package you can have Free and Unlimited retakes.

Can I complete my course virtually from home?

Yes! Just choose to do your Security Guard course virtually